Science and technology have periodically changed the patterns of human movement, lifestyle, preferences and aspirations. The major raw materials which underpin the existence and growth of human life can be mainly classified into four types: fuels, agriculture, livestock and metals.

All these commodities are considered as basic survival related elements like food and beverages, energy, clothing, infrastructure the like. Hence, it is not surprising that trading in the commodities markets, online or otherwise is worth trillions of dollars and that some of the world’s wealthiest individuals engage in some form of commodity trading. Traditionally this form of trading has been a closed shop which meant that a select group of people could participate in the buying and selling activity. This was an exclusive set of people who controlled the markets in some ways. Such instances were also observed in India, on a wide scale. However with the onset of new technological interventions and online platforms, this is all set to change. Previously, the type and quality of information that traders had access to, depended on network, relationships and trust. However, more often than not, traders came across conflicting information on aspects like pricing, source of commodities, trade terms and transport conditions. In some cases, the information would be outdated. This would often translate into faulty decisions, delayed deals, lost opportunities and losses. Hence solely relying on such information was not the right thing to do.

If we come back to the present day situation, these kinds of situations are now rare. Technological developments in communication, logistics, trading and payments have made the lives of traders much easier. Faster access to reliable data, easier networking, recording of transactions, integrated legal contracts, logistics support and seamless payments have created safe, secure and seamless platforms adding value to the trading activities. Start-ups and application interface entities have enabled the choice and combination of such features. These companies are banking on critical thinking and innovation to offer customized solutions to each industry. Ultimately this has led to the democratisation of the trading space. Every trader irrespective of the trade size and type can aspire to make profits. Traders can deploy capital wisely and make rational decisions.

Accessibility of the right data coupled with transparent tracking of cargo, feature to modify the trading data and an integrated payment interface are a huge development in the domain of commodity trading. These advances can easily save time and cost leading to greater profitability for each trade, eventually aiding to higher trading portfolio sizes. Agricomm Bazaar capitalizes on all these features and provides a comprehensive agricultural commodity trading platform leading to physical delivery of goods. This innovative application is available on Playstore, Appstore and Desktop based version. The company is constantly striving update, upgrade, and add new features including a rewards and loyalty program.