1.     Create profile
2.    Select Order
3.    Negotiate & Quote
4.    Quality Check & Approve
5.    Proceed Payments & Nirantar Vrddhi
1.     Easy to sell: Get the real value of goods via selling it over PAN India.
2.    Tracking & Logistics: Apply for logistics and track your order from loading of goods till the payment of the same.
3.    Prompt Payments: Easily manage your working capital by timely realisation of payments.
4.    Get Insured: Safe your money by getting insured against insolvency or protracted defaults of Buyer.
5.    Market Data: Stay tuned with the all the latest news on the agriculture commodities and be a Pro in the market.
1.     Compare & bid the best: View & compare across India the quality of goods you desire and bid.
2.    Guaranteed Quality: Assured guarantee over the contracted quality of goods.
3.    Track your Order: Easiest view of tracking status start from loading of goods to dispatch and the status of Vehicle.
4.    Manage your Procurement: Due to tracking of Order always manage your inward procurement for a no rush situation at your gateway.
5.    Market Data : Stay tuned with the all the latest news on the agriculture commodities and be a Pro in the market
1.     Create profile
2.    Upload Details (via parameters)
3.    Receive Quote
4.    Confirm & Dispatch
5.    Receive Payments & Nirantar Vrddhi

Know the Solutions for the problems


  • Limited Reach
  • Inadequateness to rate the value of goods
  • Buyers & Seller are unable to view & compare the rates.
  • Inefficient contracts-contracts over calls & personal Visit
  • No Transparency
  • Ill-timed or inappropriate or inopportune Confirmed contracts
  • Lack of Tracking
  • Quality Disputes
  • Payment Issues
  • Skepticism over Payments - Only on Trust


  • Nation wide Reach
  • Get the Real value for Quality of goods
  • Transparency-view & compare the rates online
  • Do Your Business anywhere and at anytime
  • Immediate contract.confirmations
  • Get Notified online – Complete Tracking of Contract & Shipment
  • Easy solving of DisputesTimely realisation of payments.
  • Trade Credit Insurance – Safe guard your funds from any bad debtst